Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pet Nutrition

Is your dog or cat getting the proper pet nutrition? If not, you might want to look somewhere else besides the pet food aisle at your local supermarket.

Learn about the ingredients that are on pet food packaging. Most of the ingredients contain filler such as corn meal, chicken byproduct meal, salt and corn syrup.

We have adopted a raw food diet for our pets. We get our raw food from Pet Orlando here in Orlando Florida. Deb Lynch started by buying the raw food and storing it in her freezers. Now she blends her own recipes called "Farm Life Blends". They contain raw chicken or beef mixed with vegetables.

The food is reasonably priced and your pet will love it! My dog Kendra, can't wait for her meal. She practically starts eating before I can put her dish on the floor.

Our pets had health issues in the past and we were constantly taking them to the vet for treatment. We found out the medications didn't help but the raw diet did.

For more information, check out my new web page on pet nutrition...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

High Blood Pressure

You go to your doctor, he puts the cuff on your upper arm, squeezes the bulb and watches the gauge. He announces your blood pressure as something over the norm.


You have high blood pressure.

I have to ask the question, why does it seem like more and more people have high blood pressure? There is a lot of information available about cardiovascular health. It does not look like people are taking it to heart.

I hear from a lot of people that are mid-age and older taking medication for high blood pressure.

And now at a younger age. Hypertension is the most common form of cardiovascular disease in the United States. We’re talking about 1 out of 3 adults!

High blood pressure can lead you to serious health issues; Heart attack, stroke, kidney disease

Why is that?

Your heart has to work harder and your body does not get what it needs. We know the heart circulates blood with oxygen and nutrients through our body to every cell. A steady supply keeps the body working right

A person needs robust living cells to stay healthy and energetic.

The circulating blood feeds your cells, gets rid of the trash and nourishes your lungs along with breathing. We make poor choices every day that lead us to unhealthy conditions, especially when we reach the age where our bodies do not handle the abuse as well as it use to. Such as:

  • Smoking
  • Excessive weight from eating and drinking too much.
  • Sitting too much, lack of exercise
  • Processed and fried foods, white flour, white refined sugar, the junk that we eat (you would be surprised how much better you feel and food tastes with better quality food)
  • Too much sodium
  • Stress and emotional health
Cardiologists say that focusing on lifestyle changes is a very sensible strategy for cardiovascular health. Medication is usually needed if readings continue to exceed 140/90 (or 130/80 for diabetics or people that have kidney disease) and should be a temporary choice until you can get back on track with your health.

People have been able to get their blood pressure normal again after making healthier choices.

There are so many healthy choices to choose from. You have the power and control.
Take care of yourself, you deserve the quality and joy in life, not to be burden with something that will destroy you.

I have had the pleasure to meet Dr. Myron Wentz of USANA several times. He is passionate about peoples health. His career has been working with and understanding the human cell.

He and his company has created a nutritional health supplement for the cells. That is a healthy choice. To feed and nourish the most important part to life and it is so easy. Let's do it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do you suffer from spring allergies?

Spring has sprung in my area. Nature is coming alive again! I love this season but unfortunately there are a lot of people who suffer at this time. The stuffy nose with its irritation and inflammation, causes excessive amounts of mucus making people miserable. Also affected is the throat, ears, eyes and the quality of sleep.

Ideas for relief:

Nature's Sunshine ALJ is an allergy-relieving expectorant and decongestant formula. It's particularly useful for children. ALJ contains horseradish, mullein, fennel and fenugreek. It comes in liquid, tablets and capsules.

Nature's Sunshine EW. This is an excellent remedy for relieving upper respiratory tract congestion, reducing allergic reactions and fighting infections of the mucus membranes. It helps with itchy watery eyes, runny nose and swelling in the throat and nasal passages. EW contains goldenseal, bayberry and red raspberry.

Other products include: Hista-block, Four and Sinus Support.

Nature's Sunshine products may help your allergy symptoms whereas some products you purchase at a store could cause other problems.

Check the links above to find the herbal supplements that would give you the relief you want!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Poisonous toothpaste in your home!

Do you know what's in your toothpaste? Go get your tube of name brand toothpaste and read the label on the back.

Well, mine says "Warnings Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center right away."

The FDA began requiring this warning in the late 90's when it became clear that small children could be seriously injured or killed by fluoride poisoning. Studies have found that fluoride can actually damage the tooth enamel in young children. The condition is called enamel fluorosis and can cause a chalky or brown discoloration and pitting of the enamel which is the opposite effect of what we want. Also fluoride interferes with keeping our cells healthy.

Here's what I do for healthy teeth:

1) I use healthy toothpaste from Nature's Sunshine and USANA.
2) The brushing action from the tooth brush is what cleans my teeth.
3) Brushing after meals, tongue scraping, flossing along with regular dental check ups.

There is a healthy mouthwash I also use from Nature's Sunshine along with occasional brushing with baking soda. The mouthwash you buy in the store has alcohol in it which drys out your mouth and causes bad breath bacteria.

Remember, even though you do not swallow any toothpaste when you brush, you're still putting it in your mouth and therefor absorbing it into your body.

Monday, September 21, 2009

If you have cancer, chances of survival are better if you're married.

Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine did a study on how Marital status influences the odds of cancer survival.

They looked at the medical records of nearly 3.8 million cancer patients.

The records showed 57.5% married patients lived 10 years after being diagnosed with cancer.

The others
Never married 51.7%
Divorced were 45.6%
Widowed were 41%
Separated individuals were 36.8%

Odds appear best if you are married.

That is not good news with the divorce rate we have today.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'd rather take supplements then take a chance with fresh produce.

Everyday I hear tips for good health. I am glad there is quality information out there. It always gets my attention because I love anything that has to do with being healthy.

Today I heard eating blueberries is a good way to get your antioxidants. I like to try to get my supplementation from foods that hopefully have nutrients in them.

For me to purchase blueberries, I have to go to the store and hope they have them, wonder if they are fresh, free of mold and pesticides, if the nutrients are in the berry and if they are going to taste good. They are in season only certain times of the year and need to be certified organic. I spend a few dollars on them and usually don't get to eat them all before they go bad.

I have to say I find ordering on-line and taking my nutrients through supplements a lot more convenient. I know they're safe and have everything that I need. I have them delivered to my door ready for me to take whenever it is time.

Nutrition Health Supplements.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are the most common perimenopausal symptom that's experienced by 70 to 85% of women.

Hot flashes are caused by falling estrogen and rising follicle-stimulating hormones which are triggered just before or during menstrual periods and more frequently when women approach their final period.

Things that can magnify a hot flash are anxiety, tension, refined sugar and carbs, fruit juices, cakes, cookies, candy, white bread, wine, beer, coffee, processed, packaged food.

What can you do for hot flashes?
2% progesterone skin cream, meditation and relaxation (lowers stress hormone levels), acupuncture, black cohosh, dong quai, chasteberry, soy foods and milk that are not GMO, flax seeds freshly ground.

Soy milk and ground flax seeds in yogurt is a great way to start the day!
For more information about our health, click here.